THIS airline jokes about passenger not getting window seat after paying for it, gets BRUTALLY trolled

European airline Ryanair is facing heat from irked consumers on Twitter after the airline seemingly made a joke about a passenger's claim of not getting a window seat after paying for it.

THIS airline jokes about passenger not getting window seat after paying for it, gets BRUTALLY trolled

Travelling on long flights can be taxing, and most people make as many efforts as possible to make the journey bearable. A critical step in the process of doing that is booking the most preferred seat on the flight. However, taking such a seat can often dig a hole in your pocket. But imagine, after going through all the trouble and paying extra charges, you get the seat as per your preference, but once you board the plane, the things that you paid for are not actually there. The references above are for an incident where the passenger booked a window seat on a flight but later found out that the seat didn't have a window.

A passenger flying on the budget airline Ryanair in Europe alleged that the airline didn't give him a window seat after he paid for one. The passenger going by the name Metaverse tweeted a photo of the exit emergency door next to his seat. The seat evidently didn't have a window by its side, which the passenger complained about. The caption of the post on Twitter said, "Seriously, Ryanair, I paid for the window seat."

Ryanair Airline acknowledged the post and replied to the tweet. However, the response was not something that the passenger might have expected. The airline tweeted the same, highlighting a small circular opening in the plane's emergency exit. Seemingly, the airline attempted to make a joke that the passenger was offered a window seat.

The tweet of Ryanair Airline irked the consumers. People pointed out that the European airline was trying to cover up their mistake by making a joke. Moreover, because of the tweet, many other consumers came forward who faced a similar problem with the airline. One of the users commented on the post, saying, "Not at all funny if you made a passenger pay extra for a window seat."

Another user commented on the post, saying, "So unprofessional to publicly belittle a customer for their complaint for Twitter likes. The issue is obvious and legitimate. I really miss when companies behaved like adults even if the flights are cheap."

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