Anand Mahindra offers job to Delhi man with no limbs driving modified vehicle - Watch Video

 Anand Mahindra, Chairman, M&M was impressed by a video showing a quadruple amputee driving a modified vehicle in Delhi with ease, offering him a job at Mahindra Logistics.

Anand Mahindra offers job to Delhi man with no limbs driving modified vehicle - Watch Video

Industrialist Anand Mahindra was blown away by a video of a quadruple amputee driving a modified vehicle with the utmost east. The engine for the vehicle was taken from a scooter, he explains before taking turns with the vehicle. Having been so awestruck by this man, Mahindra and Mahindra group chairman called his colleague to ask if a job could be offered to him at Mahindra Logistics Ltd.

The man, who has no limbs, is seen seated on his modified vehicle as he answers questions from a passerby. "I have been driving this for 5 years. I have two children, a wife, and an elderly father. That’s why I have to do out to earn," he told the passerby. As the man asks him to demonstrate his driving skills, he took off with a smile on his face, and the passerby followed him in his car and snaps a photo of the vehicle as it drives smoothly down the road.

Anand Mahindra, impressed by the man's determination to earn a living despite his disability, wrote the following message on Twitter: "Received this on my timeline today. Don't know how old it is or where it's from, but I'm awestruck by this gentleman who's not just faced his disabilities but is GRATEFUL for what he has."

Anand Mahindra asked a colleague on Twitter if he could employ the man as a last-mile business associate. "Ram, can @Mahindralog_MLL make him a Business Associate for last-mile delivery?” The clip has now been viewed more than 5.56 lakh times on Twitter.

Mahindra was mighty impressed by a Maharashtrian who built a 4-wheeler with only scrap metal last year. In a short video, Mahindra showed Dattatraya Lohar driving a small car with five people inside. The video was originally posted on Historicano's YouTube channel.

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The father built the vehicle for his son and spent just Rs 60,000 on the machine that uses the same kick-start mechanism found on motorcycles and scooters.

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