Woman riding scooter gets hit by coconut falling off a tree: Watch Video

The video shows the woman on a scooter getting hit in the head with a basketball-sized coconut which later resulted in her injury, luckily based on her daughter's post she's fine now.

Woman riding scooter gets hit by coconut falling off a tree: Watch Video

Riding two-wheelers is often considered more dangerous compared to driving cars, and very often, there are numerous videos online to reinforce the misconception. Recently, another such video is going viral on the internet, showing a woman falling off her running bike after she gets hit by a coconut. Based on the reports, the incident took place in Malaysia, and now the video of the whole incident is doing rounds on the internet.

The video starts with the woman riding a bike on a highway, in addition, the woman was not alone on the; she had one other person riding with her. Moving ahead, after a few seconds a video coconut falls from a tree on the sidelines of the, road falling directly on the woman riding a pillion on a bike. After getting hit, the woman falls off her two-wheeler and hits the road. In the video, she was seen wearing a helmet to keep her safe even after the fall.

The video of the incident aided Malaysian minister Azrul MahatirBin Aziz who shared it to reinforce his petition to clear out coconut trees along the sideline of the Malaysian highways. It is to be noted that coconut trees on Malaysian highways are a common sight.

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The video of the incident was also shared by the woman's daughter on Facebook, she also described her mother's condition in the post. The caption of the video said, "Yes, the victim is my mother & the one who ran towards the victim is my younger sister, thank God. Mama has woken up & is still being monitored at GH Penang ward. The victim's condition is quite severe (fracture right shoulder, left hand, 2 ribs & little sister. It's fine, just a little trauma), some info for everyone, I will update my mother's condition from time to time."

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