PM Narendra Modi drives car in Europe virtually from Delhi using 5G technology: WATCH Video

After launching the 5G, mobile services in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi used it to test drive a car in Sweden while sitting in the Ericsson booth in Delhi at Indian Mobile Congress 2022.

PM Narendra Modi drives car in Europe virtually from Delhi using 5G technology: WATCH Video

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the 5G mobile services in India. While using the same technology today, the PM test drove a car in Europe from New Delhi. The services were launched by Prime Minister while attending the opening of the Indian Mobile Congress 2022. To demonstrate the use of the new services, PM drove a car that was physically in Europe while sitting in the Ericsson booth at the aforementioned event. Because of the new mobile services, the high-speed network was used to connect the car's controls with the devices present in India, hence getting the car's remote control.

The picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi driving the car was shared by the Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal, on Twitter. The caption of the video said, "@NarendraModi ji tests driving a car in Europe remotely from Delhi using India's 5G technology." 

It is to be noted that in the first phase of the deployment of the Mobile services, these services will be made available in 13 cities. Moreover, expectations are the whole country will be covered with the 5G network by 2024.

Watch PM Narendra Modi virtually drive car

He also stopped by the booth of a group of over 100 local entrepreneurs that are working together to create 5G solutions to address India's real-time issues with healthcare, education, disaster management, and other areas. Modi visited the pavilions, where he saw the genuine 5G gadgets on display and used some of them to experience the use cases.

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The Prime Minister also took the time to understand how a team of engineers was developing end-to-end 5G technology locally and how 5G will assist close the healthcare delivery gap between urban and rural areas. According to Modi, the wait for 5G technology in the nation is ended, and soon every town will experience the advantages of "Digital India."

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