Hurricane Ian: McLaren P1 sportscar worth over Rs 1.22 crore drowned in flood-hit Florida

The viral videos and photos surfaced on social media show cars like McLaren P1 and Rolls Royce Phantom drowning in the floods caused by Hurricane Ian with a combined value of $4 million.

Hurricane Ian: McLaren P1 sportscar worth over Rs 1.22 crore drowned in flood-hit Florida Image Source- Instagram

Hurricane Ian's strong winds and storms have brought a lot of destruction to Florida. The floods caused by the hurricane drowned the cities with an overwhelming amount of water. Now, pictures and videos of the part of destruction are being shared on social media showing the water-ravaged land. Among such visuals is a picture of a McLaren P1 worth over Rs 1.22 crore (US price converted to Rupees). It is to be noted that there are many such pictures even showing the uber luxurious cars like Rolls Royce Phantom. In addition, there are some videos on social media platforms showing these cars floating in the flood water.

Speculations on the social media platform suggest that these pictures of expensive drowning cars from the beachfront area of the state. It is to be noted that the McLaren P1 and the Rolls Royce Phantom shown in the videos and photos have a combined value of over $4 million (roughly around Rs 32 crore). The Florida man who initially posted the video seems to be the owner of multiple luxury cars, as there was also a mention of a Lamborghini amongst the other cars.


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Hurricane Ian which just devastated Florida was headed for the Carolinas. According to US Vice President Joe Biden, this hurricane could be the deadliest in Florida history. As streets turned into rivers and seawater flooded homes, other areas faced flooding. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis described the situation as a "500-year flood event" while the US Coast Guard was saving lives all around the state.

As Hurricane Ian devastated the electricity grids, a sizable portion of Florida's southwest coast was thrown into darkness. According to AFP and, there are still 2.3 million homes and businesses without electricity. After passing across Florida, Hurricane Ian, which had been downgraded to a tropical storm, regained its Category 1 hurricane status. It is currently en route to South Carolina's entire coast as well as parts of Georgia and North Carolina.

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