HORRIFIC Video! Bikers crashing into a moving truck shows why you should open car's door carefully?

The viral video shows a disturbing accident with the biker getting crushed under the tyres of a truck after losing his balance because of getting hit by a parked car's door.

HORRIFIC Video! Bikers crashing into a moving truck shows why you should open car's door carefully? Image Source- Twitter

Careless behaviour on a busy road in any manner can be fatal. A disturbing video portraying one such example of careless behaviour has been posted by Bengaluru Police on social media and is now going viral on the internet. The video shows a horrific accident involving a truck, a car, and a biker with a pillion rider. How this combination plays out is something that we advise you to watch at your discretion, as the video can be disturbing to many people. The video shared on the micro-blogging site shows two bikers crashing into a truck after getting hit by a car door in their way.

The video shows, the biker can be seen driving on the road when suddenly the door of a parked car nearby opens, hitting the biker and throwing him off his course. After getting hit by the car door, the biker crashes into a passing truck and gets crushed under the truck's tyre in a life-threatening accident. Moreover, the pillion rider gets hit by the truck and is tossed in the other direction. After the accident, the people standing around rush to help them.

The video was shared by the deputy commissioner of police (east Bengaluru), Kala Krishnaswamy. It is to be noted that the post was shared to spread awareness among citizens to avoid such careless actions. Sharing the post on Twitter, DCP wrote. "Please be aware when you are opening the doors of your vehicle and avoid fatal mishaps." The video now has got more than 46 thousand views on the internet and is probably acting as a big red warning sign for the people who have been the audience to the video.

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After the video went viral, many people shared the video as well to spread awareness about the topic. Sharing the video, "Former Bengaluru police commissioner Bhaskar Rao wrote, "In (the) absence of quality road engineering and mistakes of others and systems follies and failures, we just have to save our life... careful, careful and careful all the time... till you run out of luck."

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