Haridwar police to implement ‘new TRAFFIC plan’, bans THIS vehicle on highways from December 1

Haridwar traffic police make a ‘big traffic plan’ to overcome jams in the holy city from December 1, to ban THIS vehicle from the highway, reports ANI. 

Haridwar police to implement ‘new TRAFFIC plan’, bans THIS vehicle on highways from December 1

Haridwar is one of the most holy places in India, where each year the city witnesses several lakhs of devotees from the country and abroad as they come to offer prayers. The devotees come in masses to take a dip in the river Ganges. However, this results in major traffic jams almost every day in various parts of the city. The residents of the holy city have to face a lot of trouble in their day-to-day commuting within the city throughout the day. Hence, to overcome the growing Traffic jams in the District, the Haridwar Traffic police is all set to implement a new traffic plan starting December 1.

"A traffic plan has been made to end the traffic jam situation. This plan will be fully implemented from December 1," confirmed the police source. Speaking about the situation of traffic, the Superintendent of Police (SP) Traffic of Haridwar, Rekha Yadav said, "A large number of devotees visit the Dharma Nagari Haridwar. Due to this, the traffic problem arises."

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Haridwar Police Uttarakhand took to Twitter to share the news. "To improve the traffic system of Haridwar, SSP Haridwar takes an "Innovative initiative" where 16 new routes will be set for e-rickshaws. Different colours will indicate different routes. Everyone's cooperation is required" read the tweet. 

"Keeping in view the situation of the Traffic jam, we are making plans in a phased manner," informed SP Traffic. Explaining the upcoming Traffic plan in detail, SP Rekha Yadav informed, "In the first phase, 16 routes have been earmarked for e-rickshaw vehicles, in which a fixed number of e-rickshaws will be run." 

"A meeting has been held with all union officials regarding the traffic plan. For those who are not in the e-rickshaw driver union, arrangements have been made in the traffic office, from where they can get information about their route", said SP Traffic Rekha Yadav speaking about the implementation of the new traffic plans. 

She further asserted, "E-rickshaws will be banned on the highway. In some cases, e-rickshaws will be allowed to ply on the highway, but only after getting a pass from the traffic police office." 

"Strict legal action will be taken against whoever does not follow this arrangement", said SP Yadav. The e-rickshaw union has welcomed the police plan. Speaking about the plan, the head of the E-Rickshaw union of Haridwar, Parvinder welcomed the plan made by the police and said, "We support the plan". 

He said, "When implemented, this plan will end the traffic jams and the devotees coming from outside will also not face any problems"."The problem of e-rickshaws which are being brought here from different states and plying here illegally will also end", the E-Rickshaw union head asserted. 

(With inputs from ANI)

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