Leh Police slaps Rs 50,000 fine on Jaipur couple for driving Toyota Fortuner on Ladakh's sand dunes

The pictures posted by Leh Police show a Toyota Fortuner SUV stuck in the sands of Nubra valley; the police also warned the tourists not to harm the site with such activities.

Leh Police slaps Rs 50,000 fine on Jaipur couple for driving Toyota Fortuner on Ladakh's sand dunes

Ladakh is known for its beautiful valleys, and picturesque scenes and hence, gets tourists pouring in from all over the world. However, there are some sites in the region that need protection so that they are not ruined by continuous visits from tourists. Recently, Leh police posted pictures of a Toyota Fortuner SUV being driven in the sand dunes in Hunder of Nubra Valley despite directions from the local authorities not to do so. The tourist couple who drove the Toyota Fortuner on the sand had to give a bond of Rs 50,000 for breaking the rules of the local authority and harming the site.

Leh police captioned the photo saying, "One tourist vehicle was found violating the SDM Nubra's direction not to drive cars over dunes in Hunder. The couple from Jaipur were booked as per law, and a bond of Rs 50,000 was taken from them." Furthermore, the Leh Police re-stated the warning to not break the rules and harm the landscape. 

In the post, they said, "District police Leh requests tourists NOT TO PLY VEHICLES ON SAND DUNES as you damage the natural landscape and violate the prohibitory orders." Following the post, Leh Police were praised by the netizens for taking action against the violators. Moreover, the tourists were criticised for showing no regard for the natural landscape and harming the site.

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It is to be noted that the Shyok and Siachen rivers meet in Nubra Valley, which is a few hours north of Leh. Ladakh is separated from the Karakoram ranges and the Siachen glacier by this valley. The valley falls in a tehsil in the Leh District.

Moreover, this is not the first time tourists have been criticised on social media platforms for harming the picturesque sites in Ladakh. Earlier, a video went viral showing an Audi SUV racing in the Pangong Lake with the tourists yelling and hanging out of the car's sunroof. In addition, the video showed the area being polluted with bottles, packets and other garbage thrown in the lake.

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