2022 Suzuki Katana Review: Perfectly-sharp sword to kill competition? Watch video

With the 2022 Suzuki Katana at our disposal, we could spend time with it to find out if the motorcycle has enough sharpness to justify the meaning of its name.

Automotive Journalism does look like a very fancy job, but it is quite a dangerous one, as well. Yes, I understand you want to know why? The answer is that we auto journalists keep putting ourselves in lethal affairs with items like Scorpion, Tiger, and more. This time around, it is the Katana. The latter means a single-edged Japanese sword that is being used by a samurai. And since we have the 2022 Suzuki Katana today with us, we will find out if it stands true to the original meaning of its name or not. So ladies and gentlemen, gear up for an interesting read.

2022 Suzuki Katana Review: Design

Yes! We have to say that Suzuki has nailed at making a neo-retro motorcycle. The Katana for sure looks sharp with enough on its side to fit perfectly in the Cyberpunk setting. It uses straight lines all around, which do remind us of the Japanese sword. However, we are sure that the Katana’s styling will have mixed opinions from the masses.

Around the nose, it gets a rectangular headlamp, which is an all-LED unit. Also, the semi-faired styling is a neat affair with impeccable fit-finish levels. The golden paint scheme for the alloy wheels adds some contrast and bling to the stealthy look of the motorcycle.

Sadly, the rear end remains a miss for us, as it feels bulkier than the front end. On the whole, it is an eye-catching composition.

2022 Suzuki Katana Review: Features

The Suzuki Katana comes loaded with quite some tech. Although, there’s no Bluetooth connectivity on offer and no USB charger either. What you do get is an all-digital backlit instrument cluster, which is not legible in broad daylight conditions. Also, it is a cluttered one.

However, the party trick here is the three riding modes, namely A, B, and C. These modes make sure that even newbies are comfortable swinging a leg over the Katana. Furthermore, a 5-level traction control system ensures that the wheels are on the ground all the time and not slipping, of course. Switch it off completely, and the Katana is ready to head towards the horizon with its front wheel up in the air. Furthermore, it comes with a bi-directional quickshifter and adjustable suspension on both ends.

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2022 Suzuki Katana Review: Performance

We’ll start by saying that the Katana is a powerful motorcycle. It uses a 4-cylinder engine derived from the legendary K5 motor. With a dual-overhead-cam, it puts out a peak power output of 152 hp and 106 Nm of max torque. Coupled to a 6-speed gearbox, the Katana gets a slipper clutch with an assist function. Well, this power train is phenomenal as regards for NVH levels, and similarly, the clutch and gearbox are fuss-free in terms of operation. As a result, the 0-100 kmph timing is just 2.6 seconds.

The suspension on the Katana is sourced from Kayaba, and it offers adjustability on both ends. If dialled right, the Katana treats you well in terms of dampening, rebound, and compression. Sadly, flat-profile tyres kill the agility of the motorcycle. Also, the turning radius is comparable to a boat.

Let's talk anchors on the Katana, the front setup is a Brembo sourced one, and it comes directly from the flagship GSXR, but on the rear, you have a Nissin-sourced single disc. Interestingly, the setup felt confidence-inspiring. While it is a performance-packed package, the 12-litre tank just makes it take too many halts on a long haul. In addition, the tank fails to offer a lot of grip to the rider.

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2022 Suzuki Katana Review: Verdict

At Rs 13.61 lakh (ex-showroom), the Katana has a lot to offer in terms of mechanical supremacy. The engine scores high marks for its high refinement levels and tractable nature. And so is the case with components like the gearbox, clutch, and suspension. Yes, it does need a better set of tyres for sharper handling, and if you keep aside the fuel tank’s capacity, the motorcycle makes a lot of sense.

The design is like-worthy. A slimmer affair for the rear could’ve done the job pretty well. However, Bluetooth connectivity and a modern-day instrument cluster are certainly missed here. Well, with a few changes, the 2022 Suzuki Katana could transform from a great motorcycle to just being exceptional.

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